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Royole's Press Conference

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Royole Moon -
3D Virtual Mobile Theater

Royole re-invents personal mobile theater and gaming with Moon; a truly immersive cinematic experience that goes anywhere. See Moon at CES and witness the only mobile theater solution with 1080p resolution and high fidelity noise canceling headphones.

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Flexible Display

Stop by and see the world's thinnest full color flexible display. With a thickness of approximately 0.01 mm (10um), Royole's patented flexible displays are incredibly pliable and withstand a bending radius of 1 mm.

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Flexible Electronics In-vehicle Solutions

See the future of automotive interior design. Royole has re-imagined a vehicle's instrumentation and infotainment displays by using its patented flexible electronic technology. Lightweight, space saving, fully customizable, and strikingly elegant-come see for yourself.

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Auto Retracting
Transparent Keyboard

For editors, bloggers, or anyone on the go; Royole's transparent keyboard is made for you. Taking advantage of the malleable property of Royole's flexible sensor technology, it connects wirelessly through Bluetooth or by USB to your mobile device. And, the keyboard retracts when not needed to a slim, compact size that can fit in your pocket.

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Translucent Cordless Phone

Royole's cordless phone incorporates beautiful curves, sleek design and cutting edge technology. Taking advantage of Royole's patented flexible sensor technology, there are no antiquated physical keys and the phone's surface area will change colors depending on activity.

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Cycling Backpack

Sharing the road with vehicles can be tricky for even the most experienced bike rider, especially at night. Royole's cycling backpack increases a rider's visibility to vehicles approaching from behind. With a swipe of a finger, flexible sensor technology built into the arm-strap alerts vehicles behind you of your presence and warns prior to your turning left or right.

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Colorful Drinking Cup

Royole's Drinking Cup adds some spice and fun to any beverage. With a simple hand movement along the base, Royole's patented transparent sensors make any liquid come alive with a blast of color.

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Smart Sensor Desk Lamp

Royole incorporates transparent flexible sensors in a sleek and modern desk lamp design. No longer do you need a dial or switch to turn the lamp on and off. Simply touching the transparent sensors control all lamp functions. And, running your finger up and down the sensor controls the brightness level.

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Intelligent Home Lighting Switch

Royole gives you a glimpse of the benefits of flexible transparent sensors in your home decor. The Intelligent Lighting Switch operates multiple lights and functions from one location simply through touch. Experience how Royole's Intelligent Switch can reduce costs and simplify your life.

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