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Royole is on 'display' at Time's Square

2015-09-28Press Release

On September 28th 2015, Royole displayed its three major products on Time Square billboards, including its 0.01mm-thick flexible displays, proprietary flexible touch sensors and its first wearable consumer electronics product - the Royole-X. The Royole-X, which will be officially released in the US at CES 2016, is a foldable virtual mobile theater, enabling users to have cinematic movie and gaming experiences everywhere they go. The billboards will be on display from September 28th thru October 8th.

Flexible Display


Flexible Touch Sensor

Royole focuses on the development of the next-generation information display technology. Following the demonstration of the world’s thinnest full-color flexible displays, Royole began mass production of its proprietary flexible touch sensors at its manufacturing facility in July 2015. In September 2015, Royole launched Royole-X in China. The Royole-X combines professional grade high fidelity and noise-cancelling headphones with high-definition video display. The pixel density of the display reaches 3300 pixels per inch (PPI), another groundbreaking innovation in the field of mobile display.