How to Push Movies or Games on Your Phone to Royole Moon by Using the Multi-screen Interaction Function?

Want to watch videos from your mobile phone with Moon?

Tons of video software does not provide the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) based pushing function. Nonetheless, the multi-screen interaction function of Royole Moon allows you to synchronize the mobile phone screen at any time.

1. Start Royole Moon, and locate the multi-screen interaction function.

2. After the multi-screen interaction function is enabled, Moon disconnects from Wi-Fi. No worry, it is normal. Wait until Moon starts the multi-screen interaction function.

3. Set the multi-screen interaction function on your mobile phone. Setting of the [Multi-screen interaction] function may vary in Android mobile phones of different brands.

Note: The multi-screen interaction function is available only for Android mobile phones.

Taking VIVO X9 for an example: Go to the Settings in VIVO X9, and locate the [Multi-screen interaction] function. 

Enable the multi-screen interaction function, find Royole Moon, and connect to Royole Moon.

After the mobile phone is successfully connected to Royole Moon, the mobile phone screen is synchronized with the screen of Royole Moon. You can open any video app or game app on your mobile phone, and enjoy the fun of the big screen.