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LI Keqiang, Premier of China, visits Royole

2015-10-19Press Release

LI Keqiang, Premier of China, visited Royole during the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week Exhibition The opening ceremony of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week was held at the Zhongguancun Exhibition Center, Beijing, China on Oct 11th 2015. The event, with the theme "Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Gathering New Impetus for Development", has branch venues in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi'an. This five-day national event is expected to become a showcase for China’s most innovative start-ups and technologies. Premier of China, LI Keqiang, gave the opening ceremony keynote speech. The event was, attended by hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs including executives from Lenovo, Baidu, Xiaomi, SOHO China and JD, among many others.

CEO of Royole Corporation, Bill Liu, together with Ruimin Zhang, CEO of Haier Group, Xiaoge Xiong, Chairman of IDG Greater China of IDG Capital Partners, served as representatives to officially launch the event.

After the opening ceremony, the Chinese Premier visited Royole Corporation’s exhibitor booth. Bill Liu demonstrated three of the company’s products:ultra-thin flexible displays, propriety flexible touch sensors and the Royole-X: the world’s first foldable virtual mobile theater. Royole’s flexible displays have a thickness of 0.01mm, and a bending radius of 1mm. These ultra-thin and flexible displays have attracted great interest from the industries leading companies. The market for printed and  flexible electronics is expected to grow to $330 billion in 2027, with the majority of the growth coming from flexible displays and its wide array of applications.

Royole also developed and is selling the world's first virtual mobile theater, Royole-X. With a pixel density of 3300PPI, this is the highest resolution AMOLED display in the world , 10 times higher than typical smartphones. The device combines professional grade fidelity and noise cancelling headphone with the finest video display in a foldable single-form-factor headset.