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Royole Corporation Builds Partnership with Li-Ning

2016-05-04Press Release

(Fremont, CA; April 29, 2016) – Royole Corporation is proud to announce a new partnership with leading sportswear company, Li-Ning. Bringing sportswear into the future, Li-Ning will incorporate Royole’s exclusive proprietary flexible electronics including flexible displays and sensors and Royole’s wearable VR devices into its products. 

Royole’s first foray into sporting goods is a cycling backpack, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Royole’s flexible electronics technology, especially flexible sensor technology here, has been conveniently placed into the shoulder straps. For increased road safety, riders can simply touch the strap and display indicators on the back of the bag light up to indicate turns and more. Royole was able to effortlessly update an everyday bag, converting it to a smart, wearable digital product.

As the leading sporting goods company in China, innovation is just as fundamental to the Li-Ning brand as it is for Royole. Known as the “Prince of Gymnastics,” Li Ning won numerous Olympics medals and world championships in Gymnastics. Later Li Ning founded his eponymous company in 1990. Having not only established the first research and design center specializing in sportswear and athletic shoes, Li-Ning has also established strong relationships with premier academic and research institutions. Featured products include the infamous Li-Ning Arch and Cloud shoes, and more.

Li-Ning and Royole will collaborate across the design, development, and merchandise of sportswear clothing, shoes, and accessories. Known as “Technology + Sports,” Li-Ning will use specially designed Royole’s flexible electronics and VR devices in select products. Li-Ning’s slogan “Make the Change” and Royole’s “Invent the Future” combine to create the next step in sportswear. Consumers are sure to love the high tech features these two companies will be able to produce.