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Royole and China Southern Airlines Signed a Strategic Memorandum of Cooperation

2017-03-31Press Release

Royole Corporation has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen). Through the agreement, the two companies will build a comprehensive, long-term plan to actively explore human-computer interaction technologies, including flexible displays, flexible sensors and smart devices, in the aviation industry. 

China Southern Airlines is the most innovative airline in China's aviation industry, with a truly enterprising spirit. It holds the record for number of “firsts” in China including: the first to launch electronic tickets and electronic invoices, the first to introduce the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the first to open a green channel for donated organ transportation. The pioneering spirit of China Southern Airlines makes it an ideal partner for Royole and its game changing technologies. 

With more than 700 planes and 958 routes, China Southern Airlines has the largest number of hubs and the most extensive network of airlines in China. It operates more than 2000 daily flights to over 200 destinations in 40 countries and regions across the world. China Southern Airlines also maintains the highest safety records in China. Throughout 2016, the company accrued over 2.36 million flight hours and carried close to 115 million passengers without incident. Additionally, according to the International Air Navigation Association, China Southern Airlines’ fleet size and annual passenger traffic ranks first in Asia, and fourth in the world. 

Royole was founded in Fremont, California, Hong Kong and Shenzhen China by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012, with the mission to improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. The company creates and manufactures next-generation human machine interface technologies and products such as advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices. It also provides IP licenses, services, and solutions for a variety of industries associated with displays and flexible electronics applications. In 2014, it introduced the world's thinnest full-color AMOLED flexible display with a thickness of 0.01mm and a bending radius of 1mm. In 2015, it began mass production of proprietary flexible sensors and flexible electronic devices, and introduced the world's first foldable 3D virtual mobile theater. In 2016, it introduced the world's first curved car dashboard based on flexible electronics at CES in Las Vegas. It also announced its 1.1-million-square-foot flexible display mass production campus in Shenzhen, China with a total investment of USD $1.7B to be fully operational by Q4 2017.