How to Play Music on Royole Moon

Certainly, some of you may want to enjoy fascinating music on Moon. Here is how you can do it:

Method 1: Install a music application (app) that you like in Moon.

Take QQ Yin Yue as an example: Locate the app store (Dangbei) in the main system interface of Moon.

Start the app store, and search for the app to be installed:

input only the initials of the app. For example, to search for QQ Yin Yue, input QQYY.

You may also select other music apps you like under the "Media" category of the app store: 

Find the apps you like and click to download and install them. 

 After the installation is complete, the icon of QQ Yin Yue is displayed on the main interface of Moon. 

Start QQ Yin Yue to enjoy the songs of your choice. 

You may also log in to synchronize songs on other device terminals. Click the Settings in QQ Yin Yue to log in.

Method 2: Push music to Moon from your mobile phone

1. Ensure that your mobile phone and Moon are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Start QQ Yin Yue on you mobile phone. Click QPlay in the lower left corner.

select Royole Moon to push music on the mobile phone to Moon.