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Meet Royole-X: the world's first foldable virtual mobile theater

2015-09-15Press Release

Fremont, California, Nov. 11, 2015 - Royole Corporation recently launched its new wearable product, Royole-X, the world’s first foldable virtual mobile theater. The Royole-X features breakthrough visual display, professional fidelity plus noise-cancelling audio technology, and an easy-to-use and yet powerful operating system that enables the sourcing of movies and video games from nearly any source (e.g., mobile phone, set-top box, gaming console, etc.). The beautiful, single form factor headset is foldable, making it a compact, fashionable wearable electronic device for immersive cinematic experiences.

"From the beginning, the driving force for the creation of Royole-X is to provide the large-screen, cinematic visual & sound effects in a wearable form factor for portable experiences," says Royole’s CEO and Chairman, Dr. Bill Liu. Royole developed the device in stealth mode for nearly two years filing dozens of patents along the way. Combining a number of groundbreaking technologies with a unique industrial design enables Royole-X users to enjoy long-time video watching, game playing and wearable PC experiences. 

"It is completely different from virtual reality headsets," Bill mentioned. "Our users wear Royole-X for long periods of time, typically more than two hours, either watching movies, playing video games, or doing personal computing without any discomfort." The device was designed to serve as a foldable and portable ultra-high pixel density audio/video station. Given its visually stunning cinematic display, high-end audio and portability, Royole-X’s applications are diverse.

Royole-X has the world's highest pixel density display – 3,300 pixels per inch - which is around 10X that of smartphone displays. The device uses an Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Display (AMOLED) which, in addition to resolution, provides superior contrast (10,000:1 contrast ratio); wide color gamut; microsecond level response speed; and 24-bit RGB color mode. The device is also equipped with optical controls for corrective-lens-free and restive viewing pleasure.

The extraordinary display is paired with an equally impressive audio performance. Royole-X's active noise control technology can achieve an industry-leading noise reduction rating of 22dB. The sound system and circuitry enables near-perfect audio fidelity with less than 1% sound distortion.

The patented ergonomic form factor allows the weight of the headset to be distributed evenly on the head and away from the bridge of the nose for optimal comfort. Meanwhile, the headphone and display can be folded to enhance portability.

Users control their cinematic experiences using the touch wheel control which is on the right ear cup of the headset. The operating system – Royole-X OS – is intuitive and allows a milieu of customization options. The device supports five video input connections, including HDMI, wireless streaming, Wi-Fi sharing, USB On-The-Go, and an internal storage. Users can plug into gaming platforms e.g., Wii and X-Box, video platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as any content that is accessible on set-top boxes, mobile phones and PCs.

Royole-X was launched in China in September and will be made available in the United States in January, following the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Royole Corporation, founded in 2012, develops innovative display technologies and related electronic products. The company also provides IP licensing and solutions associated with display applications. Royole’s mission is to create the highest quality products utilizing revolutionary digital display technology. Royole Corporation has operations in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and is led by a team of technologists from top research institutes. The company is backed by leading venture capitalists including IDG Capital Partners, Shenzhen Capital Group, as well as other investors. Three years since its inception, Royole is valued at more than $1 billion and is among a handful of ‘unicorn’ start-ups in the world.

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