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Acceptance Criteria

Welcome to Royole!

Royole official evaluation method:

  • 1. Developers fill in the “Development Plan” online or with the help of our customer service, and explain their APP's basic information (product type, specific functions, development cycle, etc.);
  • 2. Users need to submit the function description document of the APP (the specific template will be given by Royole and sent to the developer's reserved mailbox by mail). The product will be preliminarily audited by Royole according to the acceptance criteria of APP. If it meets criteria, it will be considered as “Pass”. If it DOES NOT meet the criteria, it will be considered as “Fail”.

APP acceptance criteria:

  • 1. DOES NOT violate the mandatory laws and regulations of China, the European Union, the Americas and other major countries and regions; DOES NOT violate social order; DOES NOT violate any illegal or undesirable contents such as propaganda reactions, pornography, violence and bloodshed, and sensitive or controversial contents such as politics, religion and race;
  • 2. Developers have completely independent intellectual property rights over the APP, and there are no cases of copying, plagiarism or other infringements that may lead to other disputes;
  • 3. The development language is Chinese or English;
  • 4. Fully compatible with FlexPai: displays perfectly in various resolutions of different forms of FlexPai;
  • 5. Have a clear statement of access to user rights;
  • 6. No incomplete interface and major BUG exist;
  • 7. Relates to screen angle, dual sensor or curved screen features, and reflects the value of flexible screen.