Jan.6 - Jan.9
Booth #10246, Central Hall, Convention Center

// Smart Mobile Device

Royole-X, Smart Mobile Theater

Royole-X features groundbreaking display and audio technology, designed within a gorgeous lightweight but heavy duty headset.

// Flexible Display

The Thinnest, 0.01mm Thick Flexible Display

Royole introduced the thinnest, lightweight, bendable, foldable and shatterproof full-color flexible display with a thickness of 0.01 mm and a bending radius of 1 mm.

// Flexible Sensor

Entertainment - Magic Cup

Colorful drinking cup changes the color of ambient light while being held. Slide on the side to adjust brightness and express yourself.

// Flexible Sensor

Smart Homes - Switch

A gentle touch turns on lights according to how many fingers are on the transparent and flexible sensor. Pinch to adjust brightness. Switches have never been this fun.

// Flexible Sensor

Smart Office - Keyboard

The multi-functional charging station, speaker and keyboard add new dimensions to your smartphones. Rollable, transparent keyboard normally hides inside the high-quality speaker and charging station, which expands into a keyboard while typing.

// Flexible Sensor

Outdoor Activities - Cycling Backpack

Cycling backpack protects you by LED indicators on the back intelligently controlled by simply touching on the strap.

// Flexible Sensor

Smart Homes - Desk Lamp

Touch sensitive desk lamp designed by Royole was introduced for the first time. The lamp has a clean and fashionable outlook, as well as a transparent multi-touch switch controlled by gesture to adjust brightness and color temperature.

// Flexible Sensor

Smart Devices - Transparent Phone

Wirelessly connected transparent phone allows you to dial with style. Transparent and flexible sensor makes the phone touch sensitive on smooth and curved surfaces like never before.

// Flexible Sensor

Automotive Electronics - Car Dashboard

The car dashboard that you saw in Sci-Fi movies made real by flexible sensors. Touching on curved surfaces brings fabulous and futuristic user experiences.