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Depreciation Criteria

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Depreciation rate calculation:

  • 99% - Only unpacking, complete accessories, no traces of use;
  • 95% - There are no scratches, including no scratches on the frame, shell and screen;
  • 80% - 90% There are slight scratches or paint drops on the frame housing and the screen of the mobile phone (depending on the degree of paint);
  • 60% - 70% Significant bumping, scratching or paint drops on the frame housing and mobile phone screen (depending on the degree);
  • 50% Serious cracking and distortion of frame housing or deformation of fuselage.

Standards for deposit refund:

  • 1. Above 60% - 70% : belongs to the normal use loss of developers, Royole will recycle the original price;
  • 2. Below 60% - 70% : Royole will not accept device recycling, but users will still enjoy 10% deposit return after submitting the results;
  • 3. Users are advised to retain mobile phone factory packaging and accessories, missing will affect depreciation calculation;
  • 4. All the above standards are based on the normal functions of mobile phones. If the mobile phones have human-induced functional abnormalities, users will bear the corresponding maintenance costs and affect the final refund deposit.