RoWrite Operation Guide

How to write with RoWrite?

Do you know how long it’s been since you last wrote by hand?

Can anyone recognize your handwriting?
Do you still remember the last time you received a handwritten greeting?

Have you ever feel connected by touching the handwritten letters in the old days?


Handwriting is a disappearing art. It’s all for email and thinking while typing, but why give up old habits for new?

Now RoWrite takes it back.
With common paper and common refill, we respect the classic way of writing, and that makes flexible sensing technology comes into being gradually.

Write your ideas on any paper, the handwritten message can be instantly converted into digital files.


RoWrite can be used independently, there’s no need to rely on mobile devices.

You can write your notes and sketches on any paper on the slate as you want. Each time when you start writing, RoWrite can record the writing track, strength, sequence and save them in time. The green light will be on if you put the pen on the paper and start writing. It will then turned to the blue light when you hold the pen and stop writing

Please replace the battery inside if the green light is not on when you start writing.

[New Page]

When replacing a new piece of paper on the slate, you can simply click the “B” button at the top left of RoWrite, and you will also create a new piece of paper in the system virtually.

[Data Transmission]

After downloading APP and binding the device, please click “A” button at the top left and transfer data to mobiledevices.

Please note: the green light will flicker rapidly when transferring data The data in the slate will be cleared once the transmission is finished.

[The Second Modification of Handwriting]

The handwriting can be revised again after the data is transmitted to the mobile device.

You can choose to undo,redo or clear your handwriting with the eraser tool.

You can double-click the eraser tool to quickly erase the entire page.

[Multiple Colors]


Scan the QR code, or search for RoWrite in Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download APP immediately.