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Deposit Refund Clause

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1. Users need to read and agree to this clause and the Developer Model Statement before paying the full deposit;

2. After paying the deposit, users need to submit the developer information and development plan. Customer service will contact developers to provide information upload channels;

3. After receiving the Developer Model, the developer should develop the application within the prescribed development time (6 months from the date the developer receives the device), and submit the application through the Royole official application market or other channels. All the developers who submitted for application can enjoy 10% deposit return;

4. The application submitted by the developer will be audited by the Royole official according to the "APP Audit Standard". If the application is approved, the user can choose to return the device. Royole will refund the deposit according to the "depreciation standard". If the developer fails to submit the application within the specified time, or the submitted application fails to pass the Royole audit, or fails to return the device within the time limit notified by Royole after passing the audit, Royole will refuse to accept the return of the device and will not return the deposit;

5. The deposit will not be refunded for resale or other irregularities such as commercial use of the Developer Model;

6. Royole will inspect every device to ensure that all functions are normal before leaving the factory. During the development period, if there are functional abnormalities caused by non-human reasons and the development work cannot be continued, the developer should promptly inform Royole or contact customer service and send the abnormal device back to Royole for maintenance or replacement. The cost of maintenance and freight will be borne by Royole;

7. After the development and application of user's achievements, the freight of the equipment sent back will be borne by the user;

8. In the use process, if the development cannot continue due to manmade damage, the developer should promptly inform Royole and send the abnormal device back for maintenance. The cost of maintenance and freight will be borne by the developer;

9. If the developer fails to send back the abnormal device in time for repair or fails to complete the application development within the prescribed time, Royole will not accept the device and will not refund the deposit;

10. It is forbidden to disassemble the equipment. If the internal anti-disassembly sticker of the equipment is damaged, the deposit will not be refunded;

11. Whether the abnormal function of the device is caused by manmade damage is subject to the appraisal conclusion issued by the technical support team.