A Real Smart Notebook

RoWrite 2 simultaneously captures your handwritten

ideas, notes, and drawings on the paper digitally.

The Notebook for the Digital Age

Your work can be played back, modified and

shared via emails or social media.

Fully Sensor Technology

RoWrite 2 incorporates Royole's advanced Fully Sensor technology. The transparent capacitive and highly senstitive sensor tracks the location of RoWrite 2's pen on the notepad with pin point precision. Combining Royole's Sensor with the RoWrite 2 pressure sensitive pen results in accurate capture of every single stroke with imperceptible lag.

More Compact,

yet More Powerful Ever

The upgraded sensor and app deliver the incredible experience with 30 days stand-by.

Genuine Materials

Combination of genuine leather

and precise aluminum enhances the premium look and feel.

Show Off Your Personality

RoWrite 2 offers various color matches for the covers and notes, build your own!

RoWrite App

We have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

RoWrite 2 works across all your smart devices.